Workshops and Classes at the Gallery

MAOM Horz.
June and July Workshops!!

 June 26 – “Whimsical Watercolor Animals” with Janine Helton!!

In this workshop, you will paint a portrait of your favorite
four-legged friend!  You will learn to evaluate and interpret
your own photograph and make decisions regarding
composition, color and value changes.  Techniques of
lost and found/hard and soft edges, wet-on-wet,
direct painting, negative painting, and more will be
explained and demonstrations!  2 Openings!
When:  Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Time:  9am – 4pm
Cost:  $85
June 28 – “Just Clucking Around II” with Jean McMullen!

This is second in the series of ways to paint Roosters!!  This time, we will not only
use brushes, but we will add fingers!!  These fun and whimsical fowl will add
new techniques of wet on wet, wet on dry, splattering and much more!!
All supplies will be included! 2 Openings!
When:  Thursday, June 28, 2018
Time:  9 am – 4 pm
Cost:  $85 includes supplies!
July Workshops!
July 9 OR July 28 – “Watercolor Start to Finish” with Janine Helton!
In this one day workshop, you will learn my

process of planning and preparing an underpainting
before painting the subject, moving into negative painting, and then adding the finishing touches with positive shapes.  Techniques covered include composition, using and combining your own photographs, color and value, lost and found/hard and soft edges, and positive and negative painting, with an emphasis on the later.
When:  Monday, July 9 OR Saturday, July 28
Time:  9 am – 4 pm
Cost:  $85
July 10 – 31 – Beginning and Intermediate Watercolors with Joyce Rothermich! (Four Classes)

This class is for the beginner or the artist wanting to expand and develop their knowledge in the area of watercolor. Learn the elusive qualities, the vitality and its capacity to adapt to the visual responses of the individual artist.  You will become familiar with the medium through a “hands-on” approach.  Monitoring and guidance through each exercise and painting will be provided by the instructor.
When:  Tues. Mornings, July 10,17,24, & 31
Time:  10 am – 12 pm
Cost:  $70 – A supply list will be provided.
July 12-13 – Landscape Workshop with award winning artist, Maggie McCarthy!
The focus of this workshop will be on landscapes. The idea is to give the viewer more than a description of a place or scene.  “Feeling” is what it’s all about.  Knowing what to do to make an individual piece come alive and speak to the viewer is the key.  Understand vistas, trees, water fields, snow and clouds are covered(as much as we can) but all this flows first from an understanding of landscape and successful composition.
When:  Thurs./Friday – July 12-13, 2018
Time:  9 am – 4 pm
Cost:  $185
** Go to for more information!

St. Louis Watercolor Society’s 19th annual exhibition

Missouri Artists On Main
321 S Main St, St Charles, MO 63301(636) 724-1260
Join us for the Opening Reception of:
                      St. Louis Watercolor Society’s 19th Annual Juried Exhibition
Ted Nuttel, Juror
Where:  Missouri Artists On Main
              315-321 S. Main St.
              St. Charles, Mo. 63301
Time:    6:30 pm – 9pm
When:  Friday, April 13, 2018
 Awards Ceremony:  7:30 pm
Show runs April 10 – April 30, 2018
Refreshments will be served.  Bring a friend!

Sunday In Central Park
Sunday in Central Park by Ted Nuttal, Juror
A graduate of Colorado Institute of Art, Ted Nuttall is a figurative artist whose painting expression was born out of his observation of people. Ted is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, and enjoys Master Status with the Transparent Watercolor Society of America.
Juror Ted Nuttel and MAOM owner and artist Jean McMullen
members of society
Members of the St. Louis Watercolor Society with Juror Ted Nuttel
Juror Ted Nuttel during the critique.
Missouri Artists On Main is honored to host the annual exhibit of the St. Louis Watercolor Society. It is an exciting show. Do not miss this exhibition.

UPDATE, Take a look!


Missouri Artist On Main 321 S Main St, St Charles, MO 63301

(636) 724-1260  


The upstairs gallery has a new look. The new carpet is down and we bid goodbye to the blue walls. Take a look…

upstairs3 The new carpet. What a difference. No more baby blue walls!

upstairs1 We did fit everything back into the space. It looks great!

Come and visit the newly renovated upstairs gallery. MAOM represents over 40 Missouri artists and the entire building is brimming with beautiful work. Each day the gallery is staffed with artist from the group. Not only do you get a chance to view exceptional work but you will always have a chance to chat with some of the makers.





MISSOURI ARTIST ON MAIN     321 S Main St, St Charles, MO 63301 (636) 724-1260



The upstairs gallery is being renovated!

All the art work has been moved from the two rooms upstairs and the painters have been busy. New carpet is being installed next. It will be great. Give us a couple more days and we will be ready to welcome everyone upstairs again.

Here are some photos of the work crew and the non usable classroom. The classroom is a maze of artwork and Gallery furniture! The best is yet to come.



upstairs reno2 OK. We had to put everything somewhere…It does fit back into the space…hopefully.

upstairs reno3Some of the crew, THANKS!

upstairs reno4Adam is great at putting things in perspective.

We will have some after pictures coming soon.

In the meantime…the downstairs is open. Stop by and view the work of over 40 Missouri Artists and each time you visit you will meet some of the creators of the work the gallery carries.


Valentine’s Day



MAOMlogoMissouri Artists On Main

315-321 South Main Street, St. Charles, MO


Necklace by MAOM jeweler Donna Knox

St. Valentine is believed to have been a Roman priest who was martyred on February 14 around 270. How he became the patron saint of lovers remains a mystery, but one theory is that the Church used the day of St. Valentine’s martyrdom in an attempt to Christianize the old Roman Lupercallia, a pagan festival held around the middle of February.

In the late 1300s, we begin to find the first clear references to a tradition relating February 14, St. Valentine’s Day, to romantic love. Poems were composed for the event, the earliest being Chaucer’s Parliament of Fowls(c.1381), about rival bird-suitors quarreling on Valentine‘s Day. The first Valentine’s Day cards were handmade, but by the early nineteenth century, printed cards were common in England. When this fashion was exported to the United States in the 1840s, a veritable Valentine mania broke out.

Bowler, Gerry. “Valentine’s Day.” St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. Ed. Thomas Riggs. 2nd ed. Vol. 5. Detroit: St. James Press, 2013. 222. Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Missouri Artist On Main offers a wonderful selection of gifts to celebrate the day.


Chain mail necklace by MAOM jewler Melanie Hancock

Joyce Rothermich scarf

Hand painted and dyed silk scarves by various MAOM artists.

Cloisonne Earrings

Earrings by MAOM jewler Kathryn Leventhal-Arnold

VicBarr Boxes by MAOM wood artist Vic Barr

drew_weaving Wearable art by MAOM master weaver / fiber artists Judith Drew

Perhaps the perfect gift would be a workshop or multi-week class at the gallery. Please visit for a list of all upcoming classes.



Come in from the COLD! Classes and workshops at the gallery

MAOM Horz. 
Come in from the COLD!

Lots of new classes and workshops!

Call today at 636-724-1260 to sign up.

January 9 – Drawing with Master Artist, Adam Long!
Continue your drawing skills or learn the

basics!  All ability levels are welcome!  Adam
will advance your skills whatever your skill
level.  This 4 week course meets every Tues.
afternoon or evening for 2 hrs.  In each session
you will receive instruction, skills, tricks-of-the-
trade and encouragement as you make several
When:  Tuesday, January 9 – 30, 2018
Time:  Afternoon, 1- 3 pm
OR Evening, 6 – 8 pm
Cost:  $80 plus inexpensive supplies or $75 for returning students.
January  10 – “Pet Portraits in Watercolor” with Janine Helton
In this all-day workshop, you will paint an 8×10 portrait
of your favorite furry friend!  We will be working on 300 lb.

hot press paper.  The only thing you need to bring is a quality 8×10 printed image of your animal of choice.
When:  Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Time:  9am – 4pm
Cost:  $85 (All supplies included)
January 14 – Vision Board Workshop
 with Tamara Kulish

What is a Vision Board?  It is a tool where
we focus our thoughts and intentions on
making our dreams become reality.  Learn
more in Tamara’s all day workshop. Bring
supplies to create your own vision board!!
When:  Saturday, January 14 OR 21.
Time:  10 am – 4 pm
Cost:  $75 plus materials
January 18-19- “Watercolor Start to Finish” with Janine Helton
In this 2-day workshop, you will learn a variety of
techniques to take you from a simple idea to a
complete painting.
Day 1 will emphasize composition,
planning colors and creating unique quality of this fascinating medium!  You will learn direct painting and wet-in-wet techniques for painting your subject.
Day 2 – you will explore positive and negative shapes: what they are, how to paint them and when to use them.  Additional techniques covered will include
control of color and pigment, hard and soft edges,
lifting color and more!  You will have time to complete
at least one 11×15 painting from START to FINISH!
When:  Thursday and Friday, January 18-19, 2018
Time:  9 am – 4 pm
Cost:  $140
January 20 – Gallery Representation: A Conversation with Adam Long
Adam Long has been pursuing a career as

an artist for 15 yrs.  He has been successful
and unsuccessful getting into galleries and
has talked with many professionals about it.
Come have a conversation where he will share what he has learned and help you find your own path to gallery representation.  Come prepared to take notes and tips will be provided.  Start your year preparing your career.
When:  Saturday, January 20
Time:  9 am – 12 pm
Cost:  $20
January 23 – Calligraphy with Rosanne Sartori
During this 3 week beginner’s course, you
will learn the basics of the beautiful style of
writing call “Italics.”  With a little practice, you
will impress your family and friends with your
new skill.
When:  Tuesday, January 23, 30 & Feb. 6
Time:  9:30 am – 11:30 am
Cost:  $75 includes supplies!
January 26 – Intro to Oil Painting with award 

winning artist, Mary Berry Friedman.
During this beginners workshop, you
will learn  how to mix color on a palette,
paint with brushes, palette knife and
other objects, layering blending, plus
painting over a washed background
color.  All materials are included and
are safe.  Practice and final painting
maybe a still life.  Pictures are samples

of Mary’s work.
When: Friday, January 26, 2018
Time:  9 am – 4 pm
Cost:  $85 includes all supplies
February Classes and Workshops!
February 1 & 2- New Adventure in Watermedia with Alicia Farris!
Together we will explore the fabulous features of
watercolor while we celebrate the transparency,

spontaneity, and versatility of the medium!
We will experiment with a unique technique of
layering watercolor with acrylic medium to
produce intriguing and unique results!  Students
need only bring watercolor supplies including
watercolor paper.  Alicia will supply the acrylic
medium.  Supply list will be provided upon registration.
When:  Thursday and Friday, February 1 & 2
Time:  9 am – 3 pm
Cost:  $150
February 3 – Raku Pottery Workshop with Holly Deckard!

February 6 – Perspective Drawing with Adam Long
Learn many ways of creating the illusion of depth
while drawing.  Improve your ability to see the 
world around you clearly. All ability levels are welcome.  This 4 week course meets every Tuesday afternoon or evening for 2 hours.  In each session you will received instruction, skills, tricks-of-the-trade and encouragement as you make several
When:  Tuesday afternoon or evening, Feb. 6 – Feb. 27
Time:  Afternoon 1 – 3 pm
Evening 6 – 8 pm
Cost:  $80 plus inexpensive supplies or $75 for returning students.
March Classes and Workshops!
March 6 – Creating with Nature with Master Artist, Adam Long
Adam has been asked for years to share the techniques needed to
create his internationally collect “Forest Figure Sculptures”… and
now is your chance.  In this class, you
will learn how to think creatively about 
the nature objects you respond to and
collect.  You will develop ways to
assemble, use and preserve these items.
Adam cannot teach you all there is to know
about how to make his Forest Figures, but he can give you skills to start finding your own creative voice responding to the natural world.  All ability levels are welcome.  This 4 week course meets every Tuesday afternoon or evening.
When:  Tuesday, March 6 – March 27
Time:  Afternoon 1 – 3 pm OR
           Evening 6 – 8 pm
Cost:  $120 plus your collection of natural objects(Start collecting today!) or $100 for returning students.
Call 636 724-1260 to sign up for the workshops today!!