The art of Colored Pencils


Missouri Artists on Main
321 South Main St.
St. Charles, MO
636-724-1260 or

Henri Matisse once said that painting and drawing are one. Perhaps this in truer of no medium than it is of the colored pencil, in which an artist can create works that are full of energy and color. 

Susie Tenzer_colored_pencil

MAOM colored pencil artist Susie Tenzer

Most artist associate contour or line drawings with colored pencils. You don’t have to use them just for lines. Many techniques are possible, such as;

  1. Blending. Applying one color over another.
  2. Burnishing. Applying a lighter color over an existing area of color.
  3. Cross-hatching. Horizontal lines of color over vertical lines of another color.
  4. Using erasers. Hard and soft erasers create different effects.

Sandy Brooks_cougar

MAOM color pencil artist Sandy Brooks

Using sharp pointed pencils and building up many layers of color it is possible to create works that have great depth and texture.

Join Missouri Artist on Main for a great workshop with Sandy Brooks to explore this fascinating medium.

October 10-Colored Pencil with Sandy Brooks!
Saturday, Oct. 10
Time:  9-12pm
Cost:  $45 plus supplies!

Call MAOM (636) 724-1260 to sign up or visit the webpage ( ) for a listing of current classes. 

Sandy Brooks_group

MAOM color pencil artist Sandy Brooks


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