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The word “jewelry” is from the Latin work “jocale” meaning plaything. (Grove Dictionary of Art, Oxford Art Online)

AllisonNorfleetBruenger  Allison Norfleet Bruenger

Jewelry is as old as humankind. Whether coming from a primitive culture or modern civilization of the West or East, and regardless of material and style, humans of both genders and all age groups have the need for self-adornment.

Julie_Bell_necklaceJulie Bell

In prehistoric times, as well as in contemporary cultures, jewelry is not only ornamentation for the body, but also a means of communication.

KCraddock_Neck015-210Kathy Craddock

Jewelry is often associated with treasure—gold, gemstones, valuable materials—and is considered to be objects of intrinsic beauty, though the early beginnings were very different.It was not until a later stage of human development that people chose precious and scarce materials from far-away for jewelry.

Ruth Rochester necklaceRuth Rochester

 Jewelry is not only a sign of wealth and taste, but also reflect—and communicate—the personal character and temperament of the wearer.

Rosanne Sartori Knitted jewelryRosanne Sartori

Missouri Artist On Main offers a large selection of contemporary jewelry for your consideration. And, we wish to congratulate Rosanne Sartori on becoming the newest MAOM artist to become a juried member of the Best of Missouri Hands. 


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