The art of Pastel


Missouri Artist On Main 319 – 321 S. Main Street St. Charles, MO

L_McFarland_2   L_McFarland_3

Landscapes in pastels by MAOM artist Lorraine McFarland

Pastel [It. pastello, from Lat. pasta: ‘paste’]. 

Chalky colored powder (pigment), which is modeled into a stick or crayon for use as a drawing material. It can be variegated into more than 1650 different hues and shades. The term is also applied to works of art produced in this medium. Monnier, Geneviève. “Pastel.” Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online. Oxford University Press.

As a medium, pastel has considerable advantages: it allows an artist to work quickly, to transcribe an emotion or idea immediately; it is easily erased and reworked, permitting second thoughts and superimposition. Pastel is line and color at the same time. It can be smudged and used in networks of well-blended lines or in a multicolored series of individual dashes that create a dense and vivid texture. It can convey the velvetiness or matte texture of a soft and silky material, as well as a sense of luminosity.

Join us at Missouri Artist on Main July 11 & 12 for a workshop with award winning pastel artist, Lorraine McFarland. Sign up to learn the basics of pastels, materials, supplies composition,design, working from photos in the studio vs. plein aire. Beginners to advanced are welcome.

Sat. & Sun., July 11 & 12 9 am-4 pm $75 for 1 day or $140 for 2 days

Call 636-724-1260, visit the MAOM webpage, or stop by the gallery at 321 S. Main St., St. Charles MO to sign up for this class.


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